Statement on Aro Underrepresentation on

Recent conversations on Tumblr have highlighted the underrepresentation of aromantic identities and resources on We hear your concerns and appreciate your questions. Our organization highly values inclusion and transparency, so this post is intended to outline the criticisms, offer a perspective on the issues, and explain the steps we intend to take to address any concerns.

We recognize that the illustration on our homepage underrepresented the aro community and its diversity. This was an unacceptable oversight, and we sincerely apologize. The graphic in question has been updated to better reflect the diversity of our communities and to demonstrate our commitment to supporting everyone under the aro and ace umbrellas.

A cartoon illustration shows a group standing behind a large combined asexual/aromantic flag while others around them hold up different ace and aro flags

We also understand that aro identities are underrepresented in our news feed and resources, and we share the desire for more aro-specific content. Unfortunately, aro news stories and resources are far less prevalent than those available for ace communities, so this disparity is hard to tackle. Our news feed and resource database primarily act as catalogues for the content that others have already created; as a result, aro news stories and resources are unfortunately lacking.

We are continually developing new content that offers more equal representation of ace and aro topics. A prime example is our Understanding Asexuality and Aromanticism course which introduces readers to aro and ace identities, issues, and community. With this course, we are proud to have developed a resource that provides the kind of equitable representation we strive for. As we continue to create more original content for this site, you can expect to see an increase in the number of aro-centric resources and stories available.

An excerpt from the conclusion of our introductory course seems especially relevant in this moment:

Because ace communities have a longer and more established history of advocacy and organizing than aro communities, there are significant disparities between the level of resources available for each. As both communities grow and work to better meet the needs of the people within them, we hope to see more resources dedicated specifically to aro people.

We fully recognize the limitations of our team and the imperfect nature of our work. We cherish the contributions of our incredibly dedicated aro board members and volunteers, but we also recognize that we need to put in more effort to center the voices of aro folks – especially those who are not also ace. If you feel you might be able to contribute to aro inclusion within our organization, we encourage you to apply to join our volunteer team or board. In addition, if you know of news stories or resources that we might have missed, we would love to include them on this site! You can get in touch with us at [email protected].

Thank you for paving the way forward and for keeping us accountable.

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