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A cartoon illustration shows a group standing behind a large combined asexual/aromantic flag while others around them hold up different ace and aro flags

At Asexual Outreach, we believe in changing the world. We believe that asexual and aromantic people should grow up with confidence in their identities, that they should have access to communities that empower and uplift them, and that they should be supported.

Around the world, leaders are working tirelessly to create community spaces that uplift, empower, and support ace and aro people. In cities across the United States and Canada, ace and aro communities come together to create friendships, support one another, and share their dreams.

Community organizing has a tremendous impact on the wellbeing of countless ace and aro people. Local community groups help people navigate newfound identities, come out to friends and family, and become engaged advocates.

We believe that the movement for ace and aro visibility and acceptance will be propelled by local community groups. This website provides a way for you to connect with those communities, find resources, and stay engaged with the movement.

Connecting with community groups

Local community groups are the heart of our movement, and their work is changing lives. We know firsthand how empowering it can be for someone to discover an ace or aro community group in their city, and so we’ve made it easier to find these communities.

Our community groups map lists every community across the United States and Canada and gives you a way to connect with them. Our website also tracks many of the events that these community groups are hosting, so you can easily find out what’s taking place in your city.

The label "Community Groups" is overlaid on a map of the United States which has purple circles indicating where ace and aro community groups are located

Staying up to date on the movement

Articles about the ace and aro advocacy movement can be hard to find - especially stories that go beyond the basics. To keep you up to date on what’s going on in communities across the country, we curate the best stories we can find, and we feature them alongside our own updates on the movement.

Exploring educational resources

In order to support your advocacy efforts, this website offers a database of fantastic resources. With books, educational handouts, slideshow presentations, and much more, you’ll find resources that fit a variety of situations, as well as examples that you can use to develop your own materials.

Alongside our database of resources, we offer educational courses that take you through topics step by step in an easily digestible format. Our “Introduction to Asexuality and Aromanticism” is a perfect resource to share with people who are seeking a comprehensive overview of ace and aro identities, relationships, and issues. Future courses are in development, including a guide to starting your own community group and another for hosting events

What's next?

If you’re looking to connect with a local community, take a look at our groups map and events page to find out what’s happening in your area. If you're interested in discovering new tools and resources to enhance your advocacy efforts, check out our database of resources and our step-by-step courses. Finally, if you want to get caught up on what's happening in the movement, take a look at our news feed.

Over the coming months and years, we’ll continue to expand this site with new courses, resources, and features. We’re thrilled about the potential it has to change the way we connect with one another, and we deeply appreciate your support along the way.

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