Aces & Aros Make a Splash at Creating Change

Each year, aces and aros advocate for visibility and inclusion at Creating Change—a national LGBTQ+ conference that brings together 3500 advocates and leaders from across the country. Our presence has elevated awareness of ace and aro issues to countless LGBTQ+ nonprofits and advocates. Through our efforts, LGBTQ+ centers have established ace and aro support groups, countless college GSA clubs have hosted awareness events, and our community has felt increasingly welcome in LGBTQ+ spaces.

This year, through the generous support of our donors, thousands of LGBTQ+ activists received of our Understanding Asexuality and Aromanticism brochures, a dozen community centers brought home educational materials, and ace and aro leaders were given packs of pride pins to share with their communities.

A box filled with ace and aro pride flag pins below a card which lists the identity for each of the pins

The highlight of Creating Change was an hour-long caucus for ace and aro community organizers which brought together leaders from Colorado, DC, Florida, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Ohio, Ontario, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

Connecting with local organizers from around the country was incredible. Not only did we form meaningful friendships, we explored opportunities to collaborate on national advocacy campaigns that will significantly advance our movement.

A flip chart which lists a number of discussion topics such as "Sex Ed" and "Relationships"

Ace and aro organizers hosted five other workshops, such as “Including Ace & Aro Youth in LGBTQ+ Spaces,” “Asexuality and Kink,” and “Helping Professionals working with Ace & Aro Clients.” Each widely attended, these workshops gave conference attendees clear insight into the ways they can support our community.

To connect LGBTQ+ nonprofits with local ace and aro community groups and to provide activists with resources and knowledge, our volunteers hosted an exhibition booth throughout the conference.

A table with a black tablecloth that says "aces & aros" is covered with pride flags, printed materials, and pins

Finally, a hospitality suite for ace and aro conference attendees provided space for community members to spend time together, get to know one another, and work toward future collaborations and advocacy efforts.

A white sign states "Asexual/Aromantic Suite" and lists open hours

Coming home, we know there’s work to do. Our conversations with community leaders encouraged us to create a national committee which will coordinate future ace and aro involvement at Creating Change. By collaborating with leaders from across the country, we’ll make an even greater difference when the conference rolls around to Washington, D.C. next year. Bringing leaders together is what we’re all about, and we’re thrilled at the opportunity to take on this organizing role.

Next year, we’re excited to expand our set of resources to include aro-specific posters, guides to creating support spaces, and further resources for ace and aro community organizers.

In order to accomplish our goals next year and to ensure our new national organizing committee is properly resourced, we’ll be relying on our community of donors to support our work. To contribute to these vital efforts which are making an incredible difference, consider making a donation to Aces & Aros. Thank you.

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